19.2oz Cans

19.2 oz Cans

Here at Augusta Label and Packaging, we are now stocking 19.2oz bright cans and they are moving through the warehouse quickly. These cans are sometimes called a Royal Pint, Tallboys, or a Stovepipe. Our customers are looking for a variety of packaging solutions so we have added the 19.2oz cans to our line-up of other size cans, tops, and carriers. We currently are stocking:

These stovepipe cans are popping up in train stations, concert venues, tap rooms, sporting events, and convenience stores. Our customers are finding that people like to have options when it comes to quality beer and the 19.2oz Royal Pint cans are moving fast. Here at Augusta Label and Packaging we can print and apply shrink sleeves to your 19.2 oz Tallboy cans before we ship them to you ready to fill.

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Field Brewing 19.2s (1)

19.2 pizza


Here are some of our favorite 19.2 oz projects.

Field Brewing 19.2s 1 1

19.2 pizza